10 tips for buying online

10 tips for buying online

Buy only on official websites, seek opinions from other users, keep the equipment updated ... These are some of the tips to buy online this Christmas. In 2019 (it was prepandemic) electronic commerce grew in Spain by 25%. In 2020, ecommerce sales have increased by 36%, making Spain the third market in the world with a greater rise in this sector. Now there are dates that are especially prone to consumption, and, taking into account the situation, it is better (to avoid scares) that you follow a few tips to buy online at Christmas.

The absolutely exceptional measures that governments have taken to deal with the coronavirus in the current year have caused notable changes in some routines. Some say they entered lockdown in 2020 and woke up several years later. Electronic commerce, for example, is one of the activities that has been most affected (in this case, for the better) by the pandemic. People who never thought of operating through the Internet have had the need to do so. And many of those that I know if they continue to resist will give up their resistance very soon. For them, and for all the others, are these recommendations to buy insurance online.

5 security measures for your online purchases

Always use official websites. Those that begin with "https" and not with "http" are more secure. Check that the website offers clear information on the characteristics of the product, shipping costs and additional costs, delivery times, payment methods. Look for opinions of other users to know their experience with that online store. Buy from secure devices and networks. Remember that you always have 14 days to cancel a purchase without giving explanations or paying return costs.

Other 5 tips so that you are not deceived when buying online

Safe and updated equipment: there are people who try to do evil, but it will be better the more difficult we make it, so worry about having your device updated and with the antivirus active. Be wary of bargains: nobody gives hard pesetas. Do not trust the super offers. Do not follow the links of emails and announcements: at the end of the road there is not always a scam, but better if you do not follow these links. Access the website in question directly if you are interested in any of the products it sells. Read the privacy and returns policy: before confirming an online purchase, take a few minutes to read that small print that is always obvious. Save vouchers: nothing has to happen, but to heal your health when making a safe online purchase at Christmas, it is best that you save the vouchers they send you, even take a screenshot when confirming the order and payment .