4 Ideas to transform kitchen decoration and innovate

I confess that I love my kitchen and that

I confess that I love my kitchen and that it is the most decorated and charming place in the house . That's because I chose my apartment for her too, imagine my reaction when I see the wonderful yellow lacquer cabinets, original from the 70's. I swear I only thought about it, for a long time it became a fixation, until it was finally mine. Then I settled down.

Of course you may think: ah, but for those who cook it it makes them want to order a lot more. Yes and no. Based on this principle, I also like to think that the cleaner and more charming the kitchen is , the more desire we have to be in it, which ends up awakening other desires, so to speak. So, take advantage of the fact that today's post is about this.

Kitchen decoration with less expensive kitchen

One of the concepts that I believe a lot is leaving the kitchen with less kitchen cost . To do this, think about another room in the house: the living room, for example. Based on this principle, the head is more open to other possibilities, without that pre-judgment of the type: this cannot be here, it cannot be there. Nonsense, it can do almost anything!

So imagine decorating the kitchen with a beautiful vase of flowers , colorful shelves with special items and pictures on the wall. It seems like a luxury to me.

The utensils are part of the decoration

Too bold? Then there is an easier way to get used to the idea. How about organizing your own kitchen utensils in a more decorative way? Therefore, it is worth abusing creativity and giving new uses to some objects.

Do you know that message board? The painted aluminum one that almost all teenagers have at home and use to nail photos? A few hooks to hang utensils and voilà: a fresh, creative and different way of organizing what is used in everyday life.

Another even simpler and easier to use idea for kitchen decoration is to place the utensils in beautiful vases, tableware or ceramics. It gives an immediate charm in a corner, in addition to the practicality of being everything at hand. To make it even more interesting, invest in jars of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Practicality and beauty with black ink

Do you know what is also super legal in terms of practicality and beauty in kitchen decoration ? Have a wall (or door) painted with chalkboard paint. It is used to write the grocery list and leave a romantic message for a dinner for two.

There is an article that talks more about her here.

If it's beautiful, you have to show it!

I also believe in the concept that anything beautiful must be exhibited. This ranges from the shape of a cake that was inherited from grandmother, to the wonderful colorful mixer. To make the selection, you just have to think: does this piece have any meaning or memory? Then try to display it as a work of art when decorating the kitchen . Almost automatically the room gains sentimental value, which generates even more affection for the kitchen.

I hope I woke up a bit of the carpenter's pet, Lol, with this post.

Invest a little more care and dedication when it comes to decorating the kitchen , then do as I did, pulling the door that connects the kitchen to the living room. What's so funny about having such a nice room and not being able to show off?

See you next week!