5 ideas for decorating shelves

The library is a piece of furniture that almost everyone has at home - it is functional, it helps organize the house and can also display multiple objects, right? But sometimes, in an effort to fix everything at once, we lose the hand in decorating the shelves and furniture look more like a file so messy! rs From the most modern to vintage and Provencal air, shelving options on the market today are so numerous that there will surely be one that perfectly fits your home. And the furniture decoration can

The bookcase is a piece of furniture that almost everyone has at home - it is functional, it helps to organize the house and it can also display various objects, right? But sometimes, in the urge to fix everything at once, we lose our hand in decorating the shelves and the furniture looks more like such a messy file! rs

From the most modern to the vintage and Provencal air, the shelving options on the market today are so numerous that there is sure to be one that will fit perfectly in your home. And decorating furniture can be a lot of fun, adding touches to your personality.

To help you organize your ideas, this post gathers practical and stylish tips for decorating shelves . Ready?

The decoration of the bookstore has no mystery

1- Color and pattern

The color of your shelf does not have to be the only one present on the mobile. A creative way to give objects more prominence and renew the furniture is to paint their background in a different color. Another idea is to use different types of paper to cover the shelf. You can make it with wrapping paper, newspapers, photos, fabrics, and more. You can create different patterns of prints and take a moment in the atmosphere.

2- Books

A more obvious choice, right? Putting books on the shelf is the most functional thing to do for an organization, but it doesn't have to be that way, does it? Have you ever thought about organizing by color? It works great and those who have multiple options on the shelf can even create a kind of degradation. But calm down, there are other ideas if you don't have that many options.

Try to leave the books you like best and put them on the lower shelves that are visible to guests. Also arrange the copies in different shapes, horizontally and vertically. It may sound very simple, but it already adds a super bananas effect to the shelf décor as a whole.

3 - Bottles

Drink bottles that we always have at home can be beautiful accessories for decorating shelves. Mix different sizes or use smaller bottles. Besides decorating the shelf, the bottles can also be used as flower pots, it's lovely!

You can also paint them in different colors and even use metallic sprays or choose to leave one that is more special with the label itself. The caps from other bottles can be used as decorations for transparent bottles… The result is surprising.

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4 - Invest in your personality

Decorative shelf objects say a lot about the personality of the person who chose them. Invest fearlessly in things that translate it. Sometimes it pays to pay more to have something out of the ordinary. Classic items can add that flair too. The photo frame, for example, is an object that everyone has at home and that can reveal even more than a photo. You can risk unusual shapes, funny phrases and many other things already present in the piece, touching records, stained glass, chandeliers and even a pair of shoes can give more bossa nova to the decoration. There are many options!


5 - Boxes

Have you ever thought of a solution for those documents that you hardly see, but are very important? Organizing the boxes may surprise you! You can keep various newspapers, magazines and other articles inside them. Save space and the result is excellent!

And then, ready to give it that repagnate in bookstore décor and leave it all with a fresh face? Show us how it turned out!