5 incredible tips for decorating a children's room

Planning a children

Planning a children's room decoration can be an incredible experience, after all it is a great opportunity to unleash your imagination and create a playful and comfortable environment for the little ones! But don't worry if creativity doesn't come to visit you of its own accord! We have separated 5 tips, super bacanas, to inspire you in the decoration of the room . Check it!

Ideas to decorate children's rooms


The chosen wallpaper can give the theme for the nursery decoration : insects, floral motifs, characters or simply colored patterns. They fill the environment with energy and vitality, which is great for children. But be careful not to overdo it! Try to match the colors and patterns with the rest of the décor, otherwise the room can have an unpleasant and exhausting “visual weight”. One trend that is super in the tall world outdoors is chalkboard paint! A wall painted or with black, blue or dark green wallpaper that mimics a school painting. So you can leave some colored chalk within reach and worry no more about children scribbling inappropriate walls! Read more about this trend here.

Organizers, niches and shelves

When it comes to decorating children's rooms , it is essential to think about the organization and arrangement of furniture and objects. The best solution for this is to bet on niches or shelves . They make the environment dynamic and optimize the space to organize toys, shoes and decorative objects (we talk more about the decoration niches in this post here). Use a varied and cheerful color palette, you can also try the use of alternative materials, such as wooden boxes, cardboard or wicker baskets, to give a vintage touch to the nursery !

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Fun furniture

Children are very active and spontaneous! Enjoy children's bedroom furniture as an opportunity for creative and fun activities. This can happen with the use of bunk beds with stairs and slides and beds in unusual formats. Country houses and country houses with fabric look amazing too! There are several creative options of different furniture for the room that stimulate the creativity of children!

Reading corner

Creating a reading corner is a surprising idea in the decoration of children's rooms! In addition to complementing the decoration, it also arouses young children's interest in reading! It does not take much space for this, but it is necessary to pay attention to the comfort of this moment. Use an appropriate chair or armchair for your child's size (or even a very soft futon on a rug) and place books and comics at an attractive height for your child's eyes and easily accessible. A coloring table and pencil are also an option to complete this space!

Creative luminaires

Another way to decorate the children 's room tastefully and keep playing with the imagination of children is to use different accessories. Today we find beautiful options, in the shapes of animals and objects. The cool thing is to match the theme of the room, but if you don't have a definite theme, try to at least match the colors of the room's decor.

Another great option to decorate the children's room are the luminaires that project shapes on the ceiling or wall. This can help little ones sleep better in the fear of the dark stage. A super trend are colored lanyards with several small lamps along their length. This type of lighting is very versatile and can decorate the ceiling, walls or even furniture in the room.

Did you like the tips for decorating a children's room ? Now it's just to practice and tell us the result!