Why are there two prices on aliexpress products?

Why are there two prices on aliexpress products?

If you have taken a tour of the AliExpress shopping website, you will have noticed that there are products that do not have a single price and you will have wondered why there are two prices on AliExpress products? Read the reasons carefully.

AliExpress has become one of the most used web portals to make online purchases . Thousands of sellers offer their products at really low prices. AliExpress belongs to the Chinese giant Alibaba, the world's leading e-commerce company.

The reason why there are two prices on AliExpress products is that the same product can have different characteristics that make the amount of what it is worth vary. Thus, the two prices are shown in those products from which you can choose different characteristics such as size, color, finishes, quantities, etc. Until you fix these characteristics, you will not know the final price of the product.


Once you know the reason why there are different prices on AliExpress products, it may also happen that you have come across the same product with a different price on AliExpress.

As you have been able to read before, AliExpress is really a large market where thousands of sellers offer their products to customers. Therefore, it is not surprising that you find the same product, at a different price, on AliExpress. Each seller sets the price that best suits him.

So that you do not pay more for the product or products that you want to add to your shopping cart, we recommend that you track prices and also read well the description of the items and what each seller offers you. There will be sellers who offer you free shipping, others who do not, etc. and hence the price variation on the same product.

Also, read the reviews of other buyers about that seller, it will help you a lot to see if the item was as expected, if delivery deadlines were met, etc.


If you already know why there are two prices on AliExpress products and you are interested in buying a certain product, we will tell you how to track prices on AliExpress . This will help you see the price variations of that item and buy it when it is lower.

To track prices on AliExpress, it is best to use the Aliprice website . On this website what we are going to be able to do is see how the price of a product has evolved in previous weeks and you can also notify us when you download the product to buy it.

Aliprice not only works with AliExpress, it can also be used with other shopping portals such as Amazon, Booking, Ebay, Walmart, Lazada or Flipkart. To use Aliprice, the first thing you should do is go to the item you want to buy on AliExpress . When you have it located, copy its URL and paste it in the box that appears on the main page of Aliprice. Then click on the magnifying glass. The website will process the information and the first thing that will appear will be a graph that will show you the evolution of the price at that seller in the "Price history" tab. then in the second tab with the name of "Same product" you can see what that product is worth offered by other sellers within the platform. E n the "Reviews" tab you will find pictures of the product you are up other buyers as well as recommendations and reviews about it. The last tab corresponding to "Analysis". What it does is analyze comments and seller rating based on shipping time, the number of items it has sold or its age on AliExpress.