You can now buy online through WhatsApp

You can now buy online through WhatsApp

Facebook has tried to introduce new ways of monetization in WhatsApp since they bought the application. Among them they have had relative success with WhatsApp Business , where companies have new avenues to promote products and services to users. Now, WhatsApp brings companies even closer to users by allowing them to make purchases directly from the app.

Currently there are 175 million people who send messages to a WhatsApp Business account every day, where in addition 40 million people see a business catalog each month. 68% of users affirm that they are more likely to do business or make purchases with a company with which they can contact through messaging compared to another with which they cannot.

The WhatsApp catalog already allows you to buy online

For this reason, WhatsApp wants to enhance the shopping experience just in time for Christmas, allowing users to make online purchases from a distance comfortably and where users can easily view the entire catalog . From today, the app has a new purchase button within the catalogs of each business.

This improvement comes along with the fact that it is now easier to know if a company has a catalog on WhatsApp. Before it was necessary to go to the company's profile and check it manually, but it will no longer be necessary because, if we see the buy button, that means that the company has a catalog of products and that we can buy them directly through the application.

The buy button is available where the call button used to be when talking to businesses, which makes more sense because that feature will be used more. The call button is still present, although when you press it we can choose whether to start a voice call or a video call. In the following video we can see how it works, including the icon in the form of a store that will indicate that we can buy through the app.

Users do not pay anything: it is the companies that will pay WhatsApp to use it

Users will not have to pay any additional costs when making these purchases, but it will be business customers who use the WhatsApp Business API who will have to pay for the use of these services that facilitate contact with customers. Messaging, calls and video calls are kept totally free.

The payment will be chosen in the final purchase process, where we can use a debit card without problems, as well as choose the delivery method, either at home or to pick up at the store. In the case of wanting to pick it up at the store, you can specify the pick-up time with it all within the same application, being an ideal system to combine the traditional purchase and contact with the business.

The function is available from today in Spain, although it will be necessary to wait for the businesses to include it in their catalogs to be able to carry out the purchase process. In order to use it, it is also necessary to have the app updated and not be using an old version of WhatsApp.